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European Interns :


We offer internship placements in all disciplines, however, our primary areas of focus are: Marketing, Law, Engineering, Sales and Finance.   Placements tend to be in major cities, but Adout works with businesses of all sizes located throughout the U.S.A..


As an International cultural organization, Adout sees its mission as offering students a means to experience the realities of the “world of work” and expand their educational horizons in the United States, while simultaneously providing employers with a fresh perspective on their business from an International point of view and offering them capable assistance with the projects they and their regular staff may not have time to do.  Our candidates are pre-screened to insure they are of good moral character and show a past history which demonstrates honesty, loyalty and good work ethics.


Here is what we require of the Employer:


  • To provide the student intern with a position related to his/her  previous work experience / field of studies.
  • To give him/her a minimum  salary / stipend of  $1500 per month based on a 40 hr. per week work week.
  • To provide a proper workspace and the equipment, etc. and supervision necessary to perform his/her duties as required by the employer


The sponsor CIEE will provide the intern with the following:


  • Health and travel insurance covering him/her during his/her stay in the US
  • All Legal Documentation necessary to work in US (J-1 Visa, etc.)


Taxes Issues


Please withhold the following taxes from your intern’s compensation:

         Federal Income tax

         State Income tax

         Local Income tax

Your intern should not pay the following taxes:

         Social Security Taxes (FICA)

         Federal Unemployment Taxes (FUTA)



Adout will also provide and/or assist the intern with finding a place to live near his/her work placement (apartment or host family) and there is never any charge – all of the above services are free to the employer.


Candidates are available throughout the calendar year for durations of 2 up to 18 months in duration.


We believe we have developed the expertise to match the “right” intern with the “right” company.  We hope you will allow us the opportunity to work with you

Our service is FREE.